The First Information on the ‘Player PFP’ for the Web3 X Gaming Platform AKIVERSE is Released; Campaign to Win Priority Purchase Rights for PFP

First PV depicting the world view of the virtual world “AKIVERSE”.

ROAD TOWN, VIRGIN ISLANDS (BRITISH) / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2023 / AKIVERSE INC. announces the partial release of sales information regarding the PFP (Profile-Picture) project on its Web3 x gaming platform, AKIVERSE. Additionally, a campaign to win priority purchase rights for PFPs will be held prior to the start of PFP sales. Furthermore, a PV depicting the world view of the virtual world “AKIVERSE” has been released for the first time.

AKIVERSE INC., Tuesday, June 27, 2023, Press release picture

AKIVERSE Player PFP Sales Overview

-What is AKIVERSE Player PFP
AKIVERSE is a world hidden away in darkness. Players are the only ones able to illuminate the world and eliminate this darkness, by honing their gaming skills continuously. We now present PFPs, which is a generative NFT that proves the player’s contribution towards saving AKIVERSE.

-Sales Details
・Supply: 5,555
・Reveal Format: Revealed when minted
・Purchase Limit: Unlimited
・Schedule: Coming soon

-Holder benefits of PFP
This PFP has strong utility within AKIVERSE, such as being used as an NFT icon for SNS on the ETH chain, linking with games and tokens on the AKIVERSE platform, and participating in holder-exclusive events. Furthermore, we offer an attractive “in-game utility” update that is tailored to the beta version release of AKIVERSE. In the future, we will update the utility of PFP to maintain and improve its mid-to-long-term value, along with the enthusiasm of the players for the game.

For more information about PFP, please visit the official website.
Also, we will mainly announce the latest information on PFP through the AKIVERSE official Twitter account.

・Service account:
・[Newly opened] PFP account:

Win a priority purchase right for PFP. IVS KYOTO exhibition commemorative campaign is underway.
As a commemoration of the “IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO” exhibition, which starts today, on June 28 (Wed.), a campaign is underway to win a priority purchase right for PFP.

-Campaign details
・Number of winners: 333 pieces
・Application period: June 28 (Wed.) 10:00 (UTC+9) to July 5 (Fri) 23:59 (UTC+9)
・How to apply: Please apply from the PFP official website.

A PV that depicts the virtual world “AKIVERSE” is released for the first time.
Today (June 28, 2023) we at AKIVERSE are delighted to have released a promotional video that displays the virtual magic of AKIVERSE. Gamers can imagine themselves as saviors in AKIVERSE, deeply immersed in the world and creating SPARKs with their gaming powers.


Contact Information

Honami Soeda
Marketing Manager

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