Mombasa becomes flydubai’s newest destination in African expansion

Dubai-based airline flydubai is set to make history with the inauguration of direct flights to Mombasa, Kenya, starting January 17, 2024. The carrier is the first from the United Arab Emirates to offer a direct air connection to this key southeast coastal city in Kenya. Flights will operate four times a week from Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport (DXB) to Mombasa’s Moi International Airport (MBA).

With the new Mombasa route, flydubai expands its African network to 11 destinations across 10 countries, including Addis Ababa, Alexandria, Asmara, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti, Entebbe, Hargeisa, Juba, Mogadishu, and Zanzibar. The expansion demonstrates flydubai’s commitment to connecting underserved markets and strengthening Dubai as a global aviation hub.

Mombasa, often hailed as Kenya’s sparkling jewel of the coast, is a city that seamlessly blends historical grandeur with natural beauty, boasting a rich tapestry of ancient architecture and sun-kissed beaches. Notably, the city’s old town is a labyrinth of Swahili design, Arabian flair, and colonial footprints, best represented by the iconic Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But Mombasa’s allure extends far beyond its scenic and cultural attractions. It plays a critical role as a trade linchpin, serving as a bustling port city on the Indian Ocean that handles millions of tons of cargo annually.

This port is not just a gateway for Kenya’s import and export activities but serves as a regional trade hub connecting landlocked East African countries like Uganda and Rwanda to global markets. With specialized facilities for handling goods like tea, coffee, and horticultural products, the port acts as a critical component in the economic machinery not only for Kenya but also for a broader network of nations relying on it for trade and commerce. Mombasa, therefore, is more than just a travel destination; it is an economic powerhouse that fortifies East Africa’s connectivity to the rest of the world.