Dnata cargo warehouse in Erbil, Iraq will cost $14 million

Dnata, a global air and travel services provider, has broken ground on its new 20,000 m2 cargo warehouse, which will expand its operations at Erbil International Airport (EBL). Up to 50 additional jobs will be created by the facility, which represents an investment of US$14 million.

Dnata’s new cargo facility will be capable of processing 100,000 tonnes of cargo annually, including perishables, pharmaceuticals, and dangerous goods. DNATA will also implement its advanced OneCargo system in the facility, digitizing processes and increasing efficiency throughout its cargo operations in Iraq.

The facility will be equipped with the latest technologies, including thermal insulation, in order to minimize the environmental impact caused by the building. This will be done through the reduction of CO2 manufacturing emissions and operating costs. A water harvesting system, which recycles condensed water, low energy skylights, and all-electric forklifts are also environmentally sustainable features.

Following the opening of a new, advanced cool chain facility at EBL in 2022, dnata is expanding its bus maintenance facility. Over 400 aviation professionals are currently employed by the company, which offers ground handling and cargo services to over 25 airlines. Dnata has also made strategic investments in new cargo facilities in London and Manchester (UK), Karachi and Lahore (Pakistan), as well as in additional cargo capacity and infrastructure in Brussels (Belgium), Sydney (Australia) and Toronto (Canada).

The company also announced last January a substantial investment of over €200 million at Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands in dnata Cargo City Amsterdam. This is one of the largest and most advanced cargo facilities in the world. Over 120 airports in 19 countries rely on dnata for reliable ground handling, cargo, catering, and retail services.