BMW’s Neue Klasse ushers in the future of mobility

BMW Group recently revealed its Vision Neue Klasse concept car, ushering in the future of the iconic automaker. The Neue Klasse not only exemplifies innovation in electrification, digitalization, and sustainability but also aims to redefine mobility by 2025. The groundbreaking vehicle will make its debut at the upcoming IAA Mobility 2023 International Motor Show in Munich.

Evolving Classic Design with Futuristic Aesthetics
At first glance, the design of Vision Neue Klasse appears minimalist yet deeply rooted in BMW’s heritage. Signature elements like the BMW kidney grille and Hofmeister kink are elegantly accentuated. The car’s interior features the latest iteration of BMW’s iDrive interface, bridging the gap between physical and virtual user experiences. Moreover, the utilization of secondary raw materials and eco-efficient production methods minimizes its carbon footprint.

The Anatomy of an Iconic Design
The exterior design is as much about form as it is about function, marking a new era for BMW. The design includes unique features like 21-inch aerodynamic wheels and a monolithic vehicle body that project a future-centric aesthetic, further highlighted by the car’s “Joyous bright” luminous exterior paint.

Human-Centric Tech and a New Interaction Paradigm
The Neue Klasse revolutionizes the way drivers interact with their cars. Operating controls are minimalistic, and the driver interface comprises a panoramic vision display, central display, and multifunction steering wheel buttons. Information is projected across the windshield, providing an unprecedented driving experience. Gesture control and voice commands further personalize this interface, making it more adaptive than ever.

Setting a New Benchmark in Sustainability
Neue Klasse is a game-changer in eco-conscious production. Manufactured at BMW’s fossil-free plant in Debrecen, the car features sixth-generation eDrive technology, including innovative round battery cells with higher energy density.

These combined efforts contribute to a vehicle that is not just efficient during its operational phase but also focuses on long-term sustainability. The Vision Neue Klasse sets the stage for an electric and sustainable future, standing as a testament to BMW’s commitment to innovation, design, and environmental responsibility.